WEBLAST is a leading product brand in Malaysia as consultant, designer, plant engineer, manufacturer, specializing in shot blasting systems and related equipment.

Airblast (M) Sdn Bhd being the authorized dealer in all products & services originated from WEBLAST.

Our business is in the provision of services related to:
Blasting and Painting Services
Presently we operate 2 blasting shops, one in Nilai N. Sembilan and one in Johor Bahru. The works we can undertake can be huge fabrication works that can fit into our environmental friendly  blasting room, long or tall structural fabrications that can fit into our 6 wheels auto-blast machine, small items that can fit into our tumblast machines or rotary table blasting cabinet machines.

Paint finishing works is a standard choice to be included, except when the clients prefer the works to be unpainted for a specific reason. Such unpainted works after blasting will be wrapped tightly with poly-film to prevent corrosion on transport back to the client’s place.
Equipment Maintenance & Repair

We maintain a permanent service team that is capable of carrying out new equipment set up & commissioning, undertaking maintenance and repair works  or provision of re-training in running the machines installed by WEBLAST.

Spare Parts Supply & DIY Your Own Equipment

Spare parts are well stocked in our warehouse, ready to be delivered in short notice.

If you are more interested in building your own equipment and just want to buy parts; you are welcome. We are glad to show you the basics of a blasting machine, list out the parts that are suitable for your application and let you decide how it would proceed from there yourself.


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