Year 2006 Blasting Machine for Sale

Machine Model:
Material size for blasting:
4ft steel plate & up to W36” beam section
Blasting power:
4 x 20HP blast wheel
Roller conveyor:
2 x 12mL both ends
Dust collector:
Model CDC8-3600CFM-7” W.G.
Machine Front View as installed at a project site Beams blasting job for oil rig platform

Interested buyers may contact us for additional details.

Main machine inside the shed The control panel box

Condition of sale:
To be set up in a full blasting test
Machine & body:
Fully refurbished, serviced and painted with a primer coat finish

- Portable and bolted assembly 
- Container shipment if sea freight delivery is needed

Option to include:
Buyer’s site installation and commissioning
Spare parts:
Available ex-stock from Weblast or other local supply
Between RMx0,000 to RM1x0,000

Published : 7-Sep-2020

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